Dual Sensor Microwave / Radar Blind Spot Alert System, with Illuminating Indicators .

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  • Add an OEM style MicroWave – RadarĀ  detection system to any vehicle
  • Operates on 79GHz for more accurate readings
  • System has two sensors that are designed to mount behind the left and right side of the rear bumper.
  • Includes two elegant LED indicators that can be mounted on the left and right of your dash or instrument cluster to visually indicate vehicles or other obstructions
  • System can be configured to run all time or only when turn signal is used
  • Ultra Small semi-moldable Adhesive sensors
  • Sensors have locking waterproof connectors for easy connections and years of reliable use
  • Speaker for audible alarm when turn signal is activated
  • Simple five wire installation
  • Left turn signal
  • Right turn signal
  • Reverse light
  • 12 volt power connection